Birlamedisoft has a Healthcare Consulting Division which gives complete turnkey solutions for consulting healthcare projects.

Birlamedisoft consulting division brings in business insight to analyze and advise the clients of the healthcare industry on their business ideas. We assist in deriving the cost of their project and revenue projections, tailoring them to suit their requirements perfectly. Our focus is to provide an efficient and meticulous way of building hospital & healthcare units. We help in the creation of the Greenfield project from concept to completion, a process to piece together all the detailed steps of project execution work with continued planning from the beginning till the end. Birlamedisoft provides project management consulting services to hospitals and the healthcare industry. We deliver end-to-end consultancy solutions for hospital & healthcare projects which comprise Conceptualization, Feasibility study, Infrastructure development, Planning, Designing, Consulting, Equipment selection, IT enabling, Manpower Selection, Operating, Marketing, and many more in the line. All services are made according to the requirements and execution needs of the management for hospitals & healthcare units.

From our decades of experience in the Healthcare field, we have excellent hands-on expertise to execute every sort of Hospital and Healthcare project management. We provide our clients with a sense of peace of mind in the process of completing their business ideas. We have an approach of Concept to Completion in the project consulting services that we do.

With our precise domain knowledge and managing industry dynamics, we ensure that we create and operate quality healthcare organizations and facilities and help clients with the provision of the absolute best models of systems and policies to produce extremely sustainable results.

With Birlamedisoft a unique combination (Consulting + IT Automation) gives our clients complete freedom from all worries. We design hospitals and make them fully automated too.

Healthcare IT is the utmost backbone of any healthcare organization running in the profitable stage. We make that happen for our clients. Our clients get both technologies (Consulting & IT Automation) under one roof.

Service Deliverables

Business Model Innovation

Birlamedisoft brings in business insight to analyze and advise clients on their business ideas. We assist in deriving the Cost of the project and revenue projections suiting client requirements. Our focus is to create an ecosystem around the project to minimize the risk and maximize the projected growth.

Return on investment.

Birlamedisoft can produce a sizeable return on your investment. We help to realize a return on our consulting fees through the identification and implementation of cost savings opportunities. The type of project, size of the facility, and level of need have a larger impact on actual savings potential.

We are well-equipped and trained in healthcare regulations, and we provide consultation on financial practices. By associating with us, businesses can see massive improvements in their revenue generation patterns and expect an instant increase in their cash flows. We believe we can do this by updating our clients with the best industry practices and to achieve the best, we believe in associating with the best.

Laboratory Management

Blood Bank Management

Lab Analyzers Interfacing

Radiology Machines Interfacing, PACS