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Discover the innovative journey of Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd. as we share insights into a groundbreaking project executed for the Telangana state government. Learn how our comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) is revolutionizing healthcare across 256+ Urban Primary Health Centers (UPHCs) under the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM).


Explore the origins of NUHM and how it addresses the healthcare needs of urban populations, with a focus on the urban poor. Gain an understanding of the challenges faced and the overarching goal to provide essential primary health care services.

Scope of the Project:

Delve into the specifics of Birlamedisoft's involvement, from developing a user-friendly IT platform covering seven essential NUHM modules to creating a unified healthcare MIS system. Understand how Live Dashboards and innovative healthcare concepts like Basti-Dawakhana and Mohalla clinics are transforming the delivery of healthcare services.

Key Features:

Learn about the unique features of the project, including a flexible user-interface accessible on various devices, the integration of GIS maps for real-time data analysis, and the development of Electronic Health Records (EHR) adhering to government standards.

Success Indicators:

Explore the tangible benefits of the project, such as the consolidation of multiple government projects, operational efficiency on tablets/mobiles, and the use of biometric technology for secure and instant access to patient records.


Understand the broader impact of Birlamedisoft’s NUHM project on urban healthcare and how it sets a precedent for similar initiatives across India. Gain insights into the potential benefits for citizens and the positive influence on the overall healthcare landscape.

Call to Action:

Join us in celebrating the success of this transformative project and explore how similar innovations can be applied to healthcare initiatives nationwide. Connect with us to be part of the ongoing conversation on revolutionizing healthcare through technology.

Contact Information:

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